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| January 7, 2016

Write a program that a C++ program what can be used to determine grades at the end of the semester.
For each student, who is identified by an integer number between 1 and 60, four examination grades
must be kept. Additionally, two final grade averages must be computed. The first grade average is
simply the average of all four grades. The second grade average is computed by weighting the four
grades as follows: the first grade gets a weight of 0.2, the second grade gets a weight of 0.3, the third
grade a weight of 0.3, and the fourth grade a weight of 0.2; that is computed as:
0.2 * grade1 + 0.3 * grade2+ 0.3* grade3 + 0.2 * grade4
Using this information, you are to construct a 60 X 7 two dimensional array, in which the first column
is used for the student number, the next four columns for the grades, and the last two columns for the
computed final grades. The output of the program should be a display of the data in the completed
For the test purposes, the following table is provided:
Student Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade4
1 100 100 100 100
2 100 0 100 0
3 82 94 73 86
4 64 74 84 94
5 94 84 74 64
Your program should print the grade matrix ( table gridline not required), including the averages.
Then it should calculate the mean and standard deviation for both averages for the class and print the
Program organization:
The main() function should declare and populate the array with the test data shown above. It should
then call a function, passing in the array as a parameter. The function should perform the calculations
and print the result.
1) Your file must be virus FREE (Zero will be given for an infected file).
3) Use meaningful prompt don’t let the user to guess what to input to your program.
5) On the due date, please submit your source file, HW2-lastname.cpp through blackboard
6) Late program is not accepted.

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