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Part 1. (Around 2000 words)

Discuss why an understanding of adult learning theories is important for those who are responsible for the design, delivery and continued effectiveness of human resource development activities in an organization. Outline the conditions that need to be fulfilled if adults are to learn effectively.

Part 2. (Around 1200 words)

Select a training or education course you have attended in the past. Discuss the extent to which (and how) the principles of adult learning theory were incorporated into the design and delivery of the course. Recommend two improvements that might be made to the course to better meet the needs of adult learners.

Introduction and Conclusion around 400 words each. Total: 4000 words

This assignment requires a lot of detail.

1. Must apply proper theory of Human Resource Development and give more examples to support the theory (adult learning theory)

2. Must have reference from Textbook, Journal, E-book, E-journal, Newspaper, no need too much website reference. AT LEAST 10 References no Wikipedia

3. Please use Singapore, Taiwan or China for the question example not others. Especially question 2 personal examples.

4. Plagiarism not more than 20% please

Here is some information for helping to write this assignment and understanding easily about the theory but not for copy it. It is from my class Textbook.

How adults learn (andragogy-Malcolm Knowles).

It is based on several assumptions:

*adults have the need to know why they are learning something.

*adults have a need to be self-directed.

*adults bring more work-related experiences into the learning situation.

How adults learn

· Window of opportunity for learning, beyond which adults will be less receptive to learning. Ex: newly appointed managers should therefore be trained as quickly as possible.

· Retention of things learned depends on the opportunity to reinforce (practice) them.

· Adult learning is problem centred.

· Adult learning can be motivated by appealing to personal growth or gain (ex: if it will result in greater autonomy)

· Motivation to learn can be increased, ex: through increased participation.

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Andragogy (Adult Learning)

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