Attack on Family Planning Services In Louisiana

| December 19, 2015

In this paper you are to identify, preferably, a local problem, social issue, or concern that is relevant to social work. You are NOT

required to contact local agencies or programs to gather data or information. focus on substantiated information and data from sources

that can support the accuracy of their claims. In our professional social work practice we may encounter information that would suggest a

community wide problem or concern. We can react to anecdotal data or personal experiences, before we critically analyze a problem, which

may create a perception that a problem has wider reaching effects on a community than it really does. To effectively address social

concerns it is important to accurately assess problems, social issues or concerns to assure that, often limited, resources are utilized

effectively and efficiently.

integrate, to the degree that it is relevant to your paper, what you have learned from the course into this paper. You may not be able to

respond to each point outlined below; however, do explain in your paper why not. With this in mind write your magnum opus.
1. Social Concern/Issue/Problem – Identify a local social concern/issue/problem that would be of interest to social workers. Describe the

problem in detail and its relevance to the profession of social work. How is the problem portrayed in the media? Who is at risk? Are there

risk factors? What role does oppression play? What role does race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation play? Who gains by the

maintenance of the problem?
2. Research and Data – Provide statistical data to develop an understanding of the problems prevalence in the community and those it

affects. You are to locate and present demographic data that offers a clear understanding of who it affects, where, how often, and if

possible a comparison of local prevalence rates with state or national data. How much does it cost the state/local government?
3. Policy – Discuss how current policy and public opinion has impacted the “problem”. What local, state, or federal policy influences the

problem? Discuss any social or political action group(s) that may support or oppose the problem. Is there a policy statement from NASW, if

so offer a brief statement.
4. Current Efforts – Discuss the current efforts, if any, to ameliorate this problem. What are people, groups, or organizations doing to

ameliorate the problem? If there are many different methods pick one or two that are theoretically or philosophically connected to social

5. Method & Solution – Design a method to solve or improve the “problem”.
Identify a social work theory or practice approach that supports your thinking. Be creative and develop an original solution.

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