alternative sanction

| January 21, 2016

Scientific rationales:
Alternative sanctions: A punishment by the court that is not as severe as incarceration in jail or prison. The court may impose such sanctions, such as doing volunteer for minor offences. Alternative sanctions are considered a useful solution for minor offences where it will benefit the individual and the family and the entire community so that it helps to deter the offender out of prison and mixing with criminals and save the state money.
Specific objectives:
1- Are there significant differences in perceptions between American and Saudi Arabia about the effectiveness of alternative sanction?
2- Do alternative sanctions affect the society and the individual?
3- What are the types of crimes for which alternative sanctions could be used?
4- Are there significant differences in the perceptions about the effectiveness of alternative sanctions between American society and Saudi Arabia society?
Describe types, numbers, age and sources of subjects to be studied. (From where will the subjects be recruited? How will subjects be recruited)?

This thesis quantitative research methods which typically contains data. An online survey will be used with 200 participators in two countries who are 18 years old or older. The survey will be distributed equally between poor and rich communities. The survey will be posted in social media (Survey Monkey) in United State (100) and Saudi Arabia(100).

Identify all procedures that will be carried out with each type of subject in chronological order. Attach copies of tests or instruments to be used, and consent forms.
Frist, the survey will be posted in social media. For those receiving the social media message the participants will go to the site and examine the Informed Consent Form and comply. Then the participant will have access to the survey. Then the survey will be collected and the data will be entered into Excel. The data will be converted to SPSS for analysis and the data sheet will be maintained on a flash drive. The consent form, which must be read before participating, and the survey questions are attached)

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